What Should You Expect At Bright Starz?

Unlike most childcare centers, at Bright Starz Learning Center we focus on the whole child. We encourage the social, emotional, intellectual and physical health of every child we serve.

Through our research based curriculum, “The Creative Curriculum“, our infants to toddlers are exposed to daily learning experiences designed to promote exploration, cultural awareness, creativity, problem solving and offer responsive daily routines and meaningful experiences that nurture learning and development.

Our high-quality staff are trained and equipped to understand your child’s developmental needs and strive to foster a nurturing, playful environment. Learning takes place in our classrooms, during outside play and also occasional educational field trips.

Classroom Overview

Our classrooms are designed for Infants, Toddlers, Preschoolers and Before & Afterschool children. Each classroom has a personalized schedule through which various learning opportunities take place.

We offer learning centers in all classrooms including blocks, sand and water play, science, dramatic play, library and art. Additionally, we offer what is called free play, where the child decides which center to go to.

In conjunction with our educational opportunities, we offer three healthy meals per day which include Breakfast, Lunch and a Snack. We encourage healthy meal choices and have an onsite cook who prepares healthy meals for our children daily.

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